EcoFriendly Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

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Unscented Medium to Large Dog Waste Bags. This bag is for any size dog.

One box contains 8 Rolls of 15 eco-friendly dog poop bags adding up to 120 bags in total.

Estimated to be a 2 months supply. Polyethylene Free! We use D2W Technology.

These bags are Durable, Leak Proof and Easy to Open. Big enough to pick up large amounts at once.

Fits all standard bag dispensers.

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Plant Earth

We here at EcoPoof have designed a bag that is durable enough to withstand a crap-load, pun intended. It’s leak proof, just in case your dog ate White Castle the night before. And the bag is large enough for all types of messes.

The PLUS SIDE to this product is that it doesn’t harm the environment. Our bags were developed with the new D2W technology which helps the bags breakdown within 2 short years (along with our packaging) without leaving a harmful residue behind. Who needs that?

Lets be more conscience of our surroundings and try to lead clean and healthy lives, for us and for those around us.

We are helping to get the product out to others because industrial plastic that are made with polyethylene is harmful to the planet.

Regular Plastic is made with POLYETHYLENE; it is excellent at resisting chemicals, such as strong acids or strong bases, high temperatures and reducing agents. In other words, it doesn’t breakdown.

Our product is made POLYETHYLENE FREE, so it is recyclable. 

Click Here to get more information on D2W.

Be more aware! Help us clean up and make this world a better place, ONE BAG AT A TIME!

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Dimensions 12.25 x 8.3 x 8.5 in


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