About Us

Eco Friendly, Biodegradable, Poof

We here at Eco-Poof are concerned about the planet we live on. Slowly but surely the planet is being polluted by hazardous materials that have an excessively long half-life. By being aware of such dilemmas, we concentrate on releasing eco-friendly products for our pets. One of the products we offer is eco-friendly biodegradable poop bags for our beloved pets.

Our eco-friendly biodegradable poop bags are strong, easy to use, and of course, polyethylene free! One of the biggest concerns was what happened to the doggy poop bags once they arrived at the landfills. If the pet owner used regular plastic bags, then there was no way for the bags to biodegrade, thus there was more damage done to the earth than good. However, if the pet owner used biodegradable poop bags, then the bags would biodegrade within 2 to 5 years along with the doggy waste.

I have been a pet owner for quite a while now and I have learned a great deal about the poop bags I have used in the past. After doing much research, I have discovered and invested in producing Eco-Poof bags. I can safely say that the bags are safe and efficient.

Thank you for choosing Eco-Poof and joining our fight against toxic materials by choosing our products. Go Green!

My team and I are still working on releasing more eco-friendly pet products. If you have any concerns or questions, please e-mail us at [email protected] Standby for future updates.

-Eco-Poof Team-