Break Free Of Industrial Plastic Containing Polyethylene And Grab Hold Of Biodegradable Plastic Containing D2W Technology!

Our Bags Are Made With D2W Technology Which Helps Plastic Breakdown At A Rapid Pace Instead Of Hanging Around The Landfills.

D2W – Degrade 2 Water

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Degrading To Water Is Well-Known As Oxo-degradable; Plastics That Degrade When Exposed To Light Or Heat. The Additives That Are Added To The Plastic At The Time Of Production And Programmed To Self Destruct, Have A Half-Life of Approximately 2-Years, Initiate And Accelerate Break-Down Of The Plastic By A Process Known As 'Oxidative Degradation'. While Everyday Plastic Possessing Polyethylene Takes Approximately 400-Years To Breakdown And Disappear. Polyethylene Can Withstand Many Chemicals, No Matter How Hazardous. That Is Why We Chose Our Bags To Be Polyethylene-Free, With A Pro-Degradant Additive, It Will Self-Destruct Within 5-Years...Sooner With Dog/Cat Feces Within The Bag. Keep In Mind That Biodegradability Occurs Only When There's Oxygen/Heat/Light Is Present, Otherwise It Prolongs The Half-Life. These Bags Can Be Composted If Your Community Is One Of The 50 That Have Composting Facilities.